High vs Low Technology

Parrot Minor brought home his school magazine on Friday, having finished to put his feet up for six weeks over the summer. One page focused on a Young Enterprise company programme that a group of year 10s had set up with ten lads (no lasses I note) giving themselves the titles of managing director, company secretary, finance director and even ‘public relations’ who obviously directs no-one.

In a nutshell, theirs is an import company exploiting the Chinese economy. They ship in 2 and 3-dimensional key rings and picture blocks. Something to suit all tastes according to the blurb. But it was the high/low technology that made me smile:

“They (three dimensional) are made using laser technology. Two lasers are shot through the glass and where the lasers meet the glass is etched and as the lasers are moved a picture is formed.

“The 2 dimensional blocks are made by sticking two pieces of glass together with a transparency in between.”

Bloody inscrutable them Chinese.

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