Reasons to be Cheerful

Apologies. One of those apropos nothing posting, I’m afraid, but I do like blackbirds.

They have lots of qualities. To start, there is their song, so sweet and varied and a gift in spring and early summer. Next, their bravery, particularly Mrs Blackbird again. When she is feeding her young, she isn’t afraid to go digging for worms and grubs only feet from your feet.

Third is intelligence, odd for a ‘bird-brain’ but there you go. We’ve tried patching up our lawn with turf to cover those ‘burned’ bits you get by having two bitches peeing on it. The blackbirds have worked out that by pulling it up they can get at the insect and worms underneath.

The thought of one day moving abroad to enjoy warmer climes is appealing, but I’m no sure I could do it if it meant not hearing the blackbirds in the spring.

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  • Laura 26th July 2005

    Oh, we have a blackbird in our garden that I adore. I call him Mr. Bob. I swear he knows me. He lets me know when I need to put more food out, especially raisins. He rules the food tray, only allowing the little birds (like the robins and tits) to visit, chasing away the bigger birds. He's a very funny bird.


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