Named and Shamed

I was chatting with a bloke at work today who told me that his brother is a teacher in Glasgow, brave chap. Every year it seems, all the teachers in the city run a sweepstake, each putting in a quid, and the winner is the teacher whose intake has the child with the silliest name.

About six years ago, the brother won the substantial prize when he had the honour to educate one Pocahontas McGinty.

What possessed her parents to land the child with a monicker like that, I can only guess. Perhaps inspired by the 1995 Walt Disney movie. (WARNING: this link will blast the Color of the Wind at you. Oh, and so will that last one.) More likely, Pocahontas II from 1998 given the age of the girl.

Whatever, putting aside the… ahem… ‘inappropriateness’ of the name in downtown Glasgow, kids never call each other by their given name, but use nicknames, so imagine being called Poxy McGinty for all time.

Still, it must toughen you up. Talk about a Boy Named Sue. Or should that have been Sioux?

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  • The Alchemist 3rd August 2005

    When the Alchemst feels like laughing at people with silly or cruel names (and it has to be said his is both, though it is nothing compared to some he has hear of) he likes to point his browser at Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing.

  • Laura 4th August 2005

    I wonder if they have a son named Sitting Bull.


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