Having sat here all day with my LCCC hat on hoping for an England victory which we managed to turn into a draw. Bugger squared.

You have to hand it to the Aussies though, Ricky Ponting in particular. I fully expected him to be there at the end. On his own. And. And the losing captain. He almost made it, though not quite.

Warnie did alright in both innings, but the Oz team looked less than convincing.

So it is sadly to bed, my LCCC hat hung limply of the hatstand. Next time. There is always next time.

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  • Laura 16th August 2005

    Since the teams wiped their faces (what a quaint phrase, btw), it looks like a new beginning for both teams. Going to be interesting.

  • MB 16th August 2005

    Hi Mr P,

    It was not a good day. I'm left thinking what if it hadn't of rained on Saturday. What if we'd got an extra 5 overs at those last two. What if we had Jonesy fit to bowl the last three.

    Too many what ifs. But some great cricket.


    (I'm a 'friend' of your old friend Dr Dre)

  • Shooting Parrots 16th August 2005

    Yes Alice, interesting it will be. Best bet another England win next time then winner takes all in the last test.

    MB, I know what you mean about the ifs and buts and maybes. I feel some personal responsibility for wishing rain on them on Saturday, my punishment not being able to get to the match on Monday.

    How is Dr Dre by the way? Where is he blogging?

  • Laura 16th August 2005

    You and Krip, both, musta been doin' rain dances.

  • Shooting Parrots 17th August 2005

    Wish I hadn't now. But as they say, "Wishes and kisses etc."

  • Laura 18th August 2005

    Hey Polly! Finish that phrase for me…Wishes and kisses…. My son-in-law always says that, but he says he doesn't know the other part of the saying.

  • Shooting Parrots 18th August 2005

    I had to look it up myself Alice. It's an old Perry Como song that you'll find here.

  • Laura 18th August 2005

    Thanks Polly, no wonder we stick with just the four words.


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