Petrol Head

I don’t know about you, but when I slosh petrol into my car, I don’t think about the cost per gallon. (Ooops, per litre I correct myself just in time as the Metric Squad of Special Branch were about to use their hammers to bash the front door in.)

What I do (and I hope I’m not on my own) is fill-up on a budget. It used to be that £10 got me through the week, nowadays, it’s double that.

Such is life. But how come you have to reach 19.69 and your trigger finger twitches. Slowly it creeps up. Bugger! £20.01.

So you end up digging around in your pockets for the one pee or weighing yourself down with 99 of change.

Why can’t you just program the machine to “just give me £20 worth?”

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