I don’t know about you, but my nerves are shredded. Again. After my depression over the Old Trafford test, I couldn’t believe that three matches on the trot would have gone down to the wire. Again.

England have done their level best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Fortunately tonight they failed. And I even gave up watching ManU beat Newcastle 2-0 for the privilege. Now it’s time to get the barbie litted.

And hope that it rains for five days at the Oval.

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  • Steve 28th August 2005

    Oh yes – all we need is rain, rain is all you need………Arf!

  • Mosher 29th August 2005

    I gave up watching Bolton beat us 2-0 during the week so I could beat the traffic home. The earliest I have *ever* left a football match.

    Annoyingly, we actually looked half-decent against ManUre. As we did against Arsenal. Why don't we play like that against Bolton and West Ham?


  • krip 30th August 2005

    Ahh, can't we tell the footie is back.
    (note the use of apostraphy, or is it apostrophy?)
    Give me a break, I've only got C.S.E.'s to me name.

  • garroo 30th August 2005

    If only England could demonstrate a ruthless streak and kill off the opposition in the way we used to get, well, slaughtered!


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