Two Candles on the Cake

Blimey. It’s Polly’s second birthday. I’ve been blathering here for two years now and yet it does seem two minutes since my first post. The thing I’ve enjoyed most are the ‘friends’ I’ve made in that time. I use the parentheses because, with one exception, I haven’t met you and don’t even know what most of you are called, save your nom de blogs.

So thanks for your company over the last two years and help yourself to a party hat and a piece of birthday cake.

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  • Laura 28th August 2005

    Well, Happy Birthday, Polly" And what do you get a real bird brain, besides the usual seeds, crackers, fruits, and/or mirrors?

  • Shooting Parrots 28th August 2005

    Oh, I don't know. A cuttlefish would do.

  • Son of Groucho 28th August 2005

    Happy Second Birthday Mr P! I'm having my First Blog Birthday next month. I hope I get a cake as nice as yours!

  • Elle 28th August 2005

    … and where did the time go?

    Happy Birthday


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