It has been one of those no-original-thought days. Not even a what-can-I-plagiarise moment.

I’ve been distracted by a DVD (the “Dad’s Army” collection now available as a part work and I’m sorely tempted — issue one on special offer, bought, and I hadn’t seen the very first episode before);

A game, BeTrapped having been ensnared by into parting with my dollars to buy it beyond the one hour trial. (It’s like Minesweeper, but with music, animation and more entertaining action, especially if you go for the adventure game) and;

Lastly a book — Orcs the Omnibus Edition by Stan Nicholls. Rollicking swash-buckling fun, but just over 100 pages into 700.

But what I really want to know is, where did that odd “” symbol before a pound sign on my blog, or any other sign come to that? It didn’t start to happen on Blogger until a few weeks ago. More to the point, how do you get rid of it? Â

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  • Laura 31st August 2005

    Dunno. Hope it's not contagious tho.

  • MB 31st August 2005

    My guess is that it comes from the new blogger integration thing in Word and their translation tool. I've noticed this when I copy and paste stuff from Word into Notepad and save as HTML. Also probably has something to do with the US layout of the keyboard.

    If you ever need to write the £ sign just type & # 163; without the spaces!

    Your web guru,


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