Health Warneing

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy reckons that the workplace is becoming a more dangerous place. Not the workplace where you have to earn a crust by gambolling about high up on scaffolding, nor by playing giddy kippers with the sort of heavy machinery that can have your arm off.

Certainly not by going underground to hew coal with several thousand tons of rock wedged precariously overhead, not since that nice Mrs Thatcher put the safety of her workers first and the needs of big business second by closing all the pits.

No, the scourge of today’s worker isn’t the 30-foot fall from a missed ladder step or a tumble into an industrial mixer, it’s the keyboard and the mouse. Repetitive Strain Injury is on the rise apparently and it’s about time employers acknowledged the fact.

I suggest that we start with cricket. The way Shane Warne was clearly suffering from RSI after bowling most of the day yesterday to skittle out the heart of the English team, we shouldn’t have drafted in Paul Collingwood to replace the injured Jones — we should have called in the man from the Health and Safety Executive .

He would have taken Warne off at lunch for the way he was risking long-term damage to his wrist by continually bamboozling the batsmen ball after ball. There would have been a tut-tut and a shake of the head and an insistence that he rest at least until after tea. That way, we might be 319/3 rather than 319/7.

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  • Steve 9th September 2005

    Yeah, I had a feeling that Warne or Mcgrath wuld do the business after all the build up.

    I like the idea of getting the HSE involved – he was awesome though wasn't he?

  • Shooting Parrots 9th September 2005

    Sadly, yes he was. Finger crossed for rain, eh?


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