There’s a Kind of Hush..

…well, if not all over the world, at least in this green and pleasant bit of it. This morning we were holding our breath wondering whether England could snatch the draw in the fifth test that would regain us the Ashes. Half a day’s thrilling bowling from Freddie Flintoff later and we;re beginning to think that they could win the game to take the series conclusively 3-1.

And while we’re pondering this possibility, the players have gone off for bad light which, while it aids the England cause, makes for a nervy time.

The thing about cricket and bad weather is that the media often has hours to fill in while the rain/clouds clear. It’s not too bad for telly because they can keep on re-running the highlights of previous matches, but not so radio — all they can do is talk and talk and talk.

But the beauty of this is that those little gems and today was no exception. Here is one that made me laugh out loud as I drove back from the supermarket this afternoon.

There was a general discussion bemoaning the hype and jingoism that has been fired up by the media that has spilled into the Oval with renditions of Jerusalem, flag-waving and the derision shown to the Aussies. The general view was that this wasn’t in the spirit of the game and smacked of the football terraces, heaven forfend.

Rodney March chipped in saying it was ever thus: “When I walked out at Edgbaston in 1981, the crowd started singing, ‘He’s big, he’s round, he bounces on the ground, Rodney Marsh, Rodney Marsh,’ and it went on and on and on. After a while, all I wanted to do was kill a Pom.”

“Exactly,” said Vic Marks disapprovingly. “Unpleasant and disrespectful.”

“Ah, c’mon mate,” said Rod. “I only wanted to kill one.”

Priceless. And now Monday almost becomes a one-dayer. Can’t wait.

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