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I sometimes wonder if people like the Campaign Against Political Correctness haven’t got a point. Mrs P picked up an events guide for the Mersey Valley and listed for 8 October is the “Lesbian gay bisexual transgender and Questioning Young Peoples’ Triathlon.”

Setting aside the misplaced apostrophe and odd capitalisation, I’ve nothing against said groups of people — live and let live is my credo — but a triathlon? It just begged my observation that they must run as a man, swim as a woman and pedal a hybrid cycle.

Weak humour which no doubt plants me firmly in the incorrectness camp (there I go again), not that I think I belong there. I just thought it was funny. As in ha-ha, not hurtful. Having quite a few friends who are gay, I guess I’ll have to count on their judgment of my sense of humour.

Meanwhile, you do have to wonder how a “Heterosexual Triathlon” might be received, or one reserved purely for Muslims of Jews, black or Asian competitors, Methodists, Buddhists, flat-earthers, creationists, Darwinians or any number of conspiracy theorists. Even Americans.

It would still be a triathlon, a physical event that is no arbiter of sexual, religious, genetic or any other toss of the dice that we are as individuals.

My big worry is that the above emphasises our differences, not our commonality. As people.

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  • Katherine 20th September 2010

    Yes. And I have often felt uncomfortable with the whole ‘women can knock men’ thing. On telly, adverts, etc. It’s as if just because a group is ‘oppressed’, they can, from then on, put down others forever.


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