The Trojan Book

It was back to being Dad’s Taxi again tonight as I ran Master P and his mate to their bi-weekly “learn how to cause a lot of pain” lessons. How ironic is it that they’re held in a St John’s Ambulance hall?

I used to drop them off, drive home and then go back to pick them up, but as it’s a forty minute eleven mile round trip it seemed somewhat pointless just to grab 45 minutes at home before hitting the road again, not to mention the wasted petrol and the environmental damage, or so we’re told.

So I decided to hang around for the lesson, but what to do with the downtime? I’m one of those people who has to fill space by doing something. It doesn’t have to be constructive, in fact the more meaningless the better as Mrs P will testify.

I toyed with the idea of joining the classes, but Master P’s mortification at this would only be matched by my own when I would discover just how unfit and allergic to pain I’ve become.

And so I hit on reading instead and it’s perfect. I used to read all the time, but too many distractions get in the way these days, what with blogging, blog reading, games and generally getting led astray by obscure Googling quests.

Tonight I got stuck into The Lord of the Silver Bow, the first of the new Troy trilogy by David Gemmell. I’ve been a big fan of DG since I read his first book, Legend, in 1984. As a piece of fantasy it was brilliant. That it was a catharsis for someone awaiting the outcome of cancer tests makes it even more so.

Anyway, I spent 20 years reading DG’s books. Then I lost interest. Whether it was the distractions or ennui, I’m not sure. The new one is promising though. He is using the technique of visualising and interpreting the same events through the eyes of several characters, something I don’t recall him doing before.

I hope he keeps it up because it is working really well.

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