I witnessed my first flasher today. No, not the sort illustrated left — that’s just there to make you think this post is juicier than normal — mine was spotted in my car’s rear view mirror as a speed trap camera did that little flicker to reduce redeye, then the full on flash to snap my numberplate.

44 em-pee-aitch in a 40 zone on a clear A49 in Warrington which seems a tad harsh. I’m not sure why I haven’t been caught out before as I’m not a particularly cautious driver and there are times when you’re in a hurry and so you hurry. Ironically today I wasn’t, but my recklessness will no doubt add to the coffers of the Cheshire constabulary and help maintain the road policy bit of their website. I’ll have to wait for the fine letter to hit the mat.

If I seem unfazed by this, well as my moment of social deviancy was committed to film, the radio burbled that this was the least of my troubles. The north pole is shrinking apparently and, by the time the fine is due, the world will have tipped on its axis, hell will have frozen over and there will be not a soul to enforce it. Or to have it enforced upon.

And as an added bonus, anything to stop Chelski winning the Premiership again.

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  • krip 28th September 2005

    A copper once told me that you are allowed a 10% margin on your speed before you get zapped.
    Seems like you woz robbed.

  • Anonymous 29th September 2005

    Umm… I think ACPO guidelines say you are ok if you are within the limit + 10% + 2mph. So in a 40 limit anything up to 46 is ok.

    This decision isn't made by the camera – it still takes your piccie if you're over the limit. the discretion is exercised (or not) at the time the piccies are processed.

    Or so I have been told…

    Hopefully this means you won't get a letter. Of course, if you do you could always tell them Mrs P was driving 😉

  • Shooting Parrots 29th September 2005

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're right.


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