Walk the Walk or Talk the Talk?

The animation left landed in my inbox tonight with the message:

This woman is walking the World for Breast Cancer. Please pass her on so that she can reach her destination. Say a prayer for all those who are affected by this terrible disease. She’s walking around the world — via e-mail!! Pass it on so she can get there by forwarding this topic to people you know!

Does it look like a woman to you? Androgynous if you ask me. But what is this meant to achieve? No money raised as far as I can tell. Awareness raised possibly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m entirely sympathetic to the breast cancer cause — it’s what took my mum from me far too soon — but I just don’t get it. So sorry S, if you’re reading, I haven’t forwarded it on, but I take your point. Take care mate.

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  • Son of Groucho 30th September 2005

    By coincidence, we are going to a party tonight to mark the end of a "challenging year" for a couple we know well. Julie is known to have a gene for breast and certain other cancers. She was due to have bilateral subcutaneous mastectomies to prevent the disease when she developed cancer in one breast. She's now had surgery and chemotherapy. She's still to have both ovaries removed to avoid cancer in them.

    Should kind off put our daily gripes and worries into perspective shouldn't it?

  • garroo 30th September 2005

    Seems like you've done your bit by posting it here anyway.

  • Shooting Parrots 30th September 2005

    You're right SoG, it does put things into perpective, not that I gripe much mind.

    I didn't mention that a good friend had to undergo a lumpectomy not long ago. Even so, it was hellish painful, not to mention the intense therapy afterwards.

    Awful, but I suppose the point is that it is treatable and the prognosis is usually good.

    And thanks for your comment Mike. Must say that when I re-read it, (my post, not your comment) I thought I must sound a heartless bastard, it's just that I don't want to fill hyperspace with spam no matter how good the cause and I should have said so.


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