Sitting Not So Pretty

When I say “I’m going to the shops” what I actually mean is that there is something specific that I want to buy. I get in the car, drive to whichever shop sells what I want, buy it and come home again.

When Mrs and Miss P say the same thing, they mean that they’re about to disappear for several hours to meander around the shops until they spot something they want even though they didn’t realise it until then.

This observation of male/female shopping habits will have been made before on thousands of blogs probably because it tells us something about the human condition. What is surprising is that today I agreed to join them.

The reason was that shopping expedition was to look at possible replacement sofas for our living room. Sorry, but when it comes to expensive soft furnishing, well I like to have my two pen’orth.

We took ourselves off to one of those soulless retail parks where the sellers of sofas gather these days. What strikes you immediately is that to sell furniture, you need an apparently randomly chosen trio of letters for a trading name.

There was DFS, “Great Design Needn’t Cost the Earth” according to Modesto Scagliusi and co, although you could have fooled me. Then there was SCS who prefer to rely on one of the Kray Twins for product endorsement.

Next came another set of initials, but for the life of me I can’t recall what they were because by then the stores were blending into one. The same furniture, same displays, similar prices and all with “Sale Must End Today” posters. We’ve always been lucky in that regard, never failing to visit furniture stores when the sales are on. (That’s irony by the way.)

Anyway, we left empty handed despite the salesman’s best efforts. “We can deliver in time for Christmas you know.” I should bloody think so — that’s three months away. So it’s back to the lumpy sofa, at least until the next trip to the ‘sales.’

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  • Jane 3rd October 2005

    I am provably female, but I despise shopping. It takes me weeks to reach that crucial "oh alright then" stage and get on a tube into town, where I normally buy the paper and have a quick look at the 3 for 2s in Borders before coming straight back home again. I am still wearing the clothes I bought in 1993.

    This may be because:

    1. I am so stunty that nothing ever fits, so a trip to the changing rooms is both pointless and quite horribly depressing.

    2. Too many people, man.

    3. Experience tells me that there's an 80 per cent chance that, if I buy an item, I will hate it by the time I get home, and will have to bring it back, involving another trip into town. Best not to bother in the first place.

    (p.s. the word verification thingy is displaying what's very nearly a rude word, heh)

  • krip 4th October 2005

    Just buy a couple of decorative throws and they will look like new sofa's.
    Lumps 'n all.

  • Laura 4th October 2005

    I agee with Jane. I never go just window shopping. If and when I go to a mall it's in and out with whatever I need to get. And I hate to have to get something because then I can never find anything that I like. And sales and me don't get along ~ that's a guarantee that I won't find something I like.


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