Lost in the Post

It’s been a funny old week, me not posting I mean. I do try to keep it up, but there are days when the juices don’t flow. (Blimey, that last bit sounds like one of those spam emails for online pharmacies.)

I mean, there must have been something to talk about? Like the death of Ronnie Barker whose passing by far surpassed that of the Sacred Diana to my mind. (I can take the hate mail.)

Or the agony and the ecstasy of the Tory party leadership beauty contest. Who is this Cameron bloke, and how did Malcolm Rifkind and the word “beauty” ever get to appear in the same sentence?

My preference would be Ken Clarke. Drinks beer, smokes tabs, likes cricket and has a missus who looks like one. (I exclude Mrs P from that last bit.)

Clever doctors have discovered a ‘miracle cure’ vaccine that will eliminate cervical cancer, though it can only be a matter of time before we see the refusniks, taken in by the pedlars voodoo science when they claim it causes excess body hair, global warming and personal credit ratings.

Then there was Laura on Radio Five Live this morning speaking eloquently, as always, on the issue of egg and sperm donation. Even some evil little scrote getting what they deserve from the judicial system and a spot-on article about the NHS and I couldn’t raise myself to blog. What a lazy sod I’ve become.

But I can gather the energy to put right an Daily Mail untruth. There was one of those perennial articles about the OED publishing this year’s ‘new words’.

I hadn’t come across ‘murse’, ‘overdogs’ or ‘dog-whistle politics‘ (not so new that one) but I’ve definitely heard of Sudoku. Pointless puzzles with words and letters I can live with. But numbers?

Anyway, the Mail article said this of the new word of the year:

Following its first British appearance last November in the Daily Mail, it has taken the nation by storm and brought daily perplexity to millions.

Sorry, nope. I can personally testify that I saw my first Sudoku puzzle in the Manchester Evening News the day before.

Pioneering journalism, or what?

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • Son of Groucho 8th October 2005

    What an epic post Mr P! If you'd just split it up you could have easily filled the week!

    The article on the NHS is excellent. It really is waring to work for an organisation that is constantly "reformed" by people who have only a vague idea of what health care is (or should be) all about!

  • krip 8th October 2005

    Yeah, I've been feeling just like you lately. Kinda like a dried up old prune..or would that be a raisin instead.

  • Laura 8th October 2005

    That was my comment, not Krip's. Cannot even get my own name right when I do have something to say.

    see above comment>


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