Wallet Haemorrhage

It’s been rather an expensive 24 hours. I got home last night to find that Mrs P had been to ABC or XYZ or whatever the furniture company is called to order the new sofa I was blathering on about last week. Should arrive the week before Christmas which must mean that the wood they’ll use is still a tree and the wool growing on the sheep.

Then this morning I got a letter from the Chief Constable of the Cheshire Constabulary telling me that I had been caught on camera doing 46mph in a 40 zone as I mentioned the other week. So that’s a £60 fine and three points on my licence, the first I’ve had for 20 years. Thank you Mr Fahy.

To cap it all, the black ink cartrdige on my printer finally gave up the ghost and I was another fifteen quid out of pocket. I think I should go back to bed.

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  • krip 9th October 2005

    I think you should have stayed in bed, eh.

  • Laura 10th October 2005

    My, my, my. When it rains it sure does pour, doesn't it tho.


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