Weather Spin Cyclone

I heard this story on the radio last week and meant to blog about it, but better late than never. It’s the one about the BBC weather people being told to ‘sex-up’ their forecasts. Now bear in mind that it comes from one of those infamous ‘leaked memos’ and that it was in the Daily Mail, so there may or may not be much substance to, but I rather hope there is.

Saying that “chilly in areas” should become “warm for most” and that “isolated storms” might now be termed as “hot and sunny for most” has a certain appeal. The time me and Mrs P listen to the weather is first thing in the morning before the curtains have been drawn and the prospect of a “generally clear” day is more likely to get us out of bed with a glad heart that one that is predicted to be “often cloudy.”

Okay, so it may not be a perfectly accurate way to start the day, but then the weather is the weather and if you’re going to get peed on, you’re going to get peed on. At least there would be an optimistic spring in your step until the heavens opened. Better to travel in hope than arrive in vain. And wet.

I also like the idea of them localising the forecasts by naming specific places like “Manchester or Swindon, to ‘personalise’ bulletins.” I often struggle to work out where they’re talking about as I snuggle under the covers, half asleep and not in the best shape to concentrate.

When they say “rain in the north” it could be anywhere up’ards of Birmingham, or a distaff shuffle to Ireland, but more usually they mean Scotland. So though I am a northerner and live in the north west, but as far as the weather folk are concerned, I’m a midlander.

But back to spinning the weather, you do wonder how that might have worked in states prior to Hurricane Rita. “Isolated automobile showers?”

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