The Great White Hunters

It was rather sad to see the end of Ken Clarke, the “big beast” of the Tory party sent packing to the elephants’ graveyard with very little ceremony and less than 20% of the parliamentary vote. I suppose that was the downside of his age and experience recommendations — those qualities also breed enemies in the up-its-own-backside world of Westminster.

Ken was one of the few ‘good blokes’ in Conservativedom, someone you could imagine having a pint with while watching cricket and talking about anything but politics and yet coming away with a slightly altered worldview. In short, someone who might have persuaded me to scrawl my X against the name of a candidate of the blue persuasion.

They said he was too old to lead at the next election, but given that we’re told that we have an increasingly elderly population, I would have thought this would be a good thing, particularly when the creaking years transform you into a tory (small t.)

And if you’re into politics, it must come as a shock the first time when the PM is younger than you are, something that hasn’t happened to me. Yet.

And who are they left with? Davis the Dull, Cameron the Novice (or should that be the Yesvice?) and Fox the… there’s no other way of putting this… Fox the Scot. Talk about men of bronze.

Ironic that on this day in 1963, another hopeless toff and loser, Lord Home, took over the leadership of the Tories to preside over bugger all of note. And the “big beast” Rab Butler was consigned to the political graveyard.

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  • Blognor Regis 18th October 2005

    Quite an interesting co-incidence there.

    I see Macmillan, at 63, was younger when he became PM than Ken Clarke is now. Compared to Clarke though he looked quite ancient. I suppose people in general don't "look old" so early these days. Altough, being wounded 3 times in Great War can't help in the keeping one's looks stakes.

  • Big Fat Man 19th October 2005

    Kenneth Clarke struck me as being the only candidate up there with an education and a degree of intelligence (I've watched Civilization, me). Now there's the choice between a number of utterly interchangeable individuals…

    I'm glad I'm not a Tory!


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