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I’m not a big joiner of clubs. To start with, I hate being pigeon-holed, that someone would assume the cut of my jib just from the badge I wear. “Any club that would have me as a member…” etc. Second, I’m am an increasing curmudgeon who only joins things to question its values.

Having been invited to join the Witanagmot Club back in August, I have since resisted. I’m not a “nationalist” other than not being too displeased to have been born in England, but I don’t rule out anyone else, barring the French.

St George is fine, but then he shares his day with my late father-in-law and Shakespeare’s birthday. And I quite like the Cross of St George. It’s my flag and doesn’t make me any sort of ‘ist.

But I’ve nothing against regional government which will probably get me thrown out of the club before I’ve started. Self-determination for the north west, north east or any other combination of letters and compass points won’t work, but I’d love to see a Greater Manchester Parliament.

It won’t happen, it’s been tried before in ’74. Only to be trashed by the later government, taking us back to ineffectual local authorities and all too effectual local politicians.

But I will go for the idea of an English Parliament. That’s something we have missed for too long.

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  • Alfie 25th October 2005

    Excellent to have you on board at the Wiggy Club. Just the initiation ceremony to go – and that is to plant a daffodil between the cheeks of John Prescott's bare bum…..

    And of course, you've had your bird flu jabs, you being a parrot type guy and all……

  • Shooting Parrots 25th October 2005

    Happy to here. Whether you come to regret it is another matter!

    The John Prescott allusion has a wonderful Carry On feel to it. Actually, I've always had a soft spot for JP, and no, not Morecambe Sands. I'd quite like to have seen him become 'leader.' The prospect of the leader of the opposition chinning HMG's PM you sell tickets for.

    No flu jabs though. Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to Parrotly die. And give the Daily Mail another front page scare the shit out of anyone aged over 60 moment.

  • wonkotsane 26th October 2005

    Polly want a Lemsip!

    Welcome to the club. For the record, I would accept a regional assembly if it answered to an English Parliament and not that fat bastard (excuse my Anglo-Saxon) John Prescott.


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