Hard Rain

I quite like rain. Not surprising for someone from the Rainy City who is precipitously aware, but I genuinely like it. It’s the stuff of life and nothing drives it home better than the sopping suit of civilisation failing to protect us from the uncertainty of the weather.

I should have an umbrella, of course, but despite Manchester’s reputation, I’ve never really had need of one. Ignore the stereotype — it doesn’t rain that much in the city. The last one I owned whipped inside out and fell to bits and ended up in a bin on a windy trip to Bolton last January.

But back to rain. The time it really worries me is when I’m lying in bed, it’s rat-a-tatting on the window and I have a trip on the motorway ahead of me.

That was the prospect this morning. It was lashing down and I had to go to Preston, but the Gods of the M61/6 were smiling kindly on me. When we set off, the sun was shining and was again on the way back.

Not so on the way home. The sky was black and roads were flooded. The drive took ages. And as this is the most boring, weather-related blog I, or anyone else has ever written, I’ll close it here.

Other to remark that the rain has stopped.

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  • Son of Groucho 25th October 2005

    You quite like rain? Are you mad man? I live in one of the wettest parts of Scotland, and I'm afraid that the novelty has well and truly worn off!

    Maybe I'm missing some subtle attraction of getting simultaneously wet and cold at this time of year?

    There, I've had a good rant, and I feel better now.

  • Steve 25th October 2005

    I've just moved into a new office with plasticised roof and today it felt like I was in a huge drum with 250,000tons of marbles were being dropped on the roof every twenty seconds lor so.

    Seriously it was that bad I had to curtail a phone call.

  • Shooting Parrots 26th October 2005

    SoG — I hadn't realised that this post would arouse such passion. Us Brits and the weather, eh?

    Steve — I know what you mean. Sitting in our conservatory when it's raining is like being machine-gunned.

  • Jennyta 28th October 2005

    If you were a teacher, you wouldn't like the rain – all those wet playtimes and overactive children to contain for the day!


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