It’s War

If I’ve been quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been distracted by Rome: Total War which I bought last weekend as a birthday treat for myself. And a cracking game it is too with the same engine and graphics as used on Time Commanders.

Couple things I wanted to mention, the first an observation. I saw four women heading for the station with ten very full Primark bags between them. I wonder if this is a sign of panic-buying in the wake of that fire?

The second with a note of pride. Young Master Parrot and his 14 year old mates from his school’s young entrepreneurs group went head to head with twelve other schools, including two or three sixth form colleges, in a day-long entrepreneurial event.

They walked off with three of the five prizes, including the best group, although the bloke running the day said they should have actually won all five but they didn’t want to discourage the others with a whitewash. (Am I allowed to say ‘whitewash’ these days?)

With luck, we’ve bred a lad who will grow up to be a moneymaking machine to keep his old dad in the manner he would very much like to become accustomed. Meanwhile, it’s back to kicking Carthaginian backsides.

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  • Yellow Swordfish 3rd November 2005

    No – I don't think you can say 'whitewash' any more. Sorry. Using 'whitewash' could get you blacklisted. Oh damn!

  • Mosher 3rd November 2005

    You should fine "caucasianwash" is acceptable.

  • Shooting Parrots 3rd November 2005

    Oh, bugger, there I go again.

  • Jennyta 4th November 2005

    Good thinking! I'm still wondering which of my 4 offspring will be keeping me in style in my old age! No-one's rushing to volunteer up to now!


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