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Thanks Mark for the link to the Church Sign Generator. I’m not quite so rabidly anti-religion, but it seemed a good place to post my favourite quote of the week by John Hurt:

Religious people know deep down that that is the most vulnerable area of their lives, and when others question it, they are liable to hit out and feel insulted.

You know it is absolutely without proof, yet people still commit themselves totally to this belief. They cannot refute it because it is so central to their lives.

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  • Kingghidorah123 7th November 2005

    Despite having your claws retracted, I laughed a lot at your church sign. 🙂

    Was I perhaps a little harsh on my blog?

    M x

  • Shooting Parrots 8th November 2005

    Not at all. Your views are your own and while I go along with some of your opinions about religion, I don't feel about it quite so strongly as you do.

  • Damo 8th November 2005

    very good, or is that very god?

  • Nice Guy 28th November 2005

    Fint the mother of all image making & sign generator sites on .

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