Always Give a Sucker an Even Break

I bar blogging about footie as a rule. Well, when you’re a ManU fan, all you do is alienate the readership (as much as it is) like Mosh and Mike for example. So I was tempted, but resisted on Sunday, when we stuffed Chelsea 1-0.

It was that footie cliché, “the crowd sucked it into the net” that prompted this post, that and a photo in the paper.

Click on it. Lots of open mouths, but I reckon it’s the bloke bottom left in the white shirt that did the trick. Did you see how Fletcher’s header was going back across the goal before it hung a right and landed in the net? Made my day, I can tell you.

So Fergie, sign him up. Two season tickets that is, one behind each goal so he can switch at half-time. You know he’s worth it.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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