Go Ahead Punk

Mrs P’s nephew J is a regular visitor to Chez Polly on weekdays. He arrived the other day a little shaken, the reason being that he had been intimidated by one of the many scumbags who haunt our roads, even in daylight.

The thing is that J is a very careful driver who always stays within the speed limits which obviously got the backs up of the three toerags in the car behind him as he left the motorway. Two lads and a girl tailgating him, flashing light, sounding horn and mouthing obscenities into his rearview mirror.

This made J drive even more slowly, so the hateriders made an illegal overtaking manoeuvre and screeched to a halt at the next set of lights forcing J to stop. The driver leapt out and rushed to J’s door screaming and effing and jeffing and daring him to get out.

I’ll just rewind a bit here. J is a bit of lad, but he is also the doting father of Mrs P’s great-nephew who was also in the car. And when the driver behind began his dangerous antics J slowed down even more, fearful for his son’s safety.

And when the pillock ordered him out of the car, he did as requested. What the lad thought as a six-foot plus tall, brick proverbial genie rose from the driver’s can only be guessed at because J didn’t give him time to think. He chinned him. Just the once, but very hard.

Pillock’s girlfriend burst into tears, pillock’s mate decided to stay put thank you very much and a stumbling pillock-in-chief got back into his car nursing a bloody mouth and left the scene asap.

J had with scuffed knuckles and hopefully the P-i-C will think twice before trying to bully other drivers again. Even more hopefully, he’ll have a loose tooth or three. And not be registered with an NHS dentist.

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  • Steve 10th November 2005

    Tell J well done from an impressed OccupiedCountry.

    Nice one.

  • Mosher 10th November 2005

    Can I borrow him? Please? Go on.

  • Shooting Parrots 10th November 2005

    Blimey, I've never had such a quick response to a post. I have to say though that everyone I told the story to at work have all said "Yes!"

    I will pass on your good wishes OC, and I'll check on his availability Mosh ;0)

  • BigFatMan 10th November 2005

    Superb result. I'm even more impressed that he managed to embarrass the pillock in chief in front of both his girlfriend and underling – that'll doubtless do wonders for his street cred 😉


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