The End is Nigh-ish

Here’s a cheery little number — my predicted death date from the Death Clock — still, I suppose another 36 years or so is not to be sniffed at. As long as I don’t waste too much of it wandering the worldwide weirdness. Which I did today.

The local paper’s www feature pointed me at Yahoo’s top 100 weird sites and there were quite a few thousand seconds of sand lost to the bottom of the hourglass as I surfed. My favourites in no particular order are:

  • The Dull Men’s Club “Warning — this web site contains no violence or scary scenes.”
  • Trepanning “The Cornish parish state so isolated, it lies on its own outskirts.”
  • Maggot Art Ugggh-ly beasties, but pretty pictures.
  • Brick Testament the Bible illustrated with Lego
  • Eugene Mirman childish renditions of well-known songs. Decidedly strange.
  • Engrish how the language is mangled by foreign folk. Honestly, you give them the words and they make a right pig’s ear of ’em.
  • Tulzscha the outer god who, when summoned, will consume the inhabitants of earth. But, at least if you join, you’ll be the After Eight next to the coffee.
  • Weird inventions incredibly stupid patents.
  • this bloke thinks he can sell me immortality which given the Death Clock may not be a bad investment.

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  • Jennyta 13th November 2005

    I thought that was a bit morbid but I am amazed at how much difference being having an optimistic outlook on life extends your lifespan! Pollyanna, eat your heart out!

  • J.J 14th November 2005

    I like the Dull Men's Club. Their aversion to anything with an exclamation mark, and their fondness for beige is really quite endearing.

  • Shooting Parrots 14th November 2005

    Hi Jenny, I love being morbid! But I agree that only my optimistic nature gives a chance.

    Jane — Great blog. Beige is a bit racey for me. I much prefer grey.

    Take care both.


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