Parrot of the Week

I promise this wasn’t me:

Supergrass of the week
A parrot was stolen after a jewellery raid to stop it squealing to the law. When police arrested burglar David Carlile, 32, he told them: “Parrots can talk and I didn’t want it grassing me up.”

Carlile, from Bristol, was jailed for seven years after admitting more than 100 burglaries.

A police spokesman told The Sun: “This guy really thought we could interview the parrot. It’s just as well we nicked him through fingerprints and DNA — I wouldn’t have liked to have introduced the parrot to a judge as our chief prosecution witness.

What a prat. And he can’t even spell “Carlisle.” Or should that be “Carlyle?”

The parrot, which is still missing, has red tail feathers and a blue plastic ring on his foot and answers to the name of Monty.

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