Why is Other People’s Shopping More Interesting than Our Own?

I bet you thought that supermarket checkouts are so called because that’s where you checkout your shopping. Wrong. It’s called that because it is where you check out other people’s shopping and wonder, “What on earth are they going to make with that lot.

Take tonight. I was behind this bloke who had a Mediterranean look about him, Greek or Turkish maybe. He had eight items on the conveyor belt — five cabbages, two bags of pearl barley and a tube of tomato puree. Now I’ve Googled the ingredients and couldn’t uncover any obvious recipe.

Ideas anyone? Oh, and they were white cabbages by the way, as illustrated.

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  • Steve 17th November 2005

    The tomato puree is for his curry and the rest is for his pet rabbit?

  • Laura 18th November 2005

    You know I love to check out other people's shopping too. Krip can't get over I do stuff like that. I think it's fun, he think's it's daft.


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