I haven’t had much chance to read or write blogs today. The sofas promised by the the random three letters that are furniture companies to arrive the week before Christmas are turning up on Monday.

As a result, our living room is getting the titivation treatment. Lick of paint here, lick of paint there, throw out the redundant furniture, not just the old sofas, but also the old Ikea stuff that was make-do-and-mend.

I sometimes wonder how Antiques Roadshow might look in the future — “When we turn the unit round, you can see the maker’s signature. The Allen key fixtures here and here mark it as one of the master Ikea’s work.”

Equally the presenters will disparage — “Yes, it has the same patina as the chipboard used by Ikea, but look here. Dowel pegs. Ikea rarely used dowel pegs. I’m afraid that what your great-aunt left you is an MFI copy.”

I started off thinking I’d tell you the best joke I ever heard. If you want it, please click the comments button.

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  • Son of Groucho 19th November 2005

    Hope you enjoy your new soft furnishings. Don't turn into a couch potato!

  • BiB 24th November 2005

    Best joke, please. Does it have anything to do with MFI and Cecil Parkinson?


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