Come Fly With Me

Did you enjoy making paper aeroplanes as a kid? At our school, it became something of an obsessive competition at times, with points height, distance flown and aerobatic capabilities.

For some students, this obsession didn’t end when they left school. Three students at Leeds University have applied their research to design the perfect paper plane and the ‘Avenger’ has been voted the best in terms of aerodynamics and ease of construction. Learn how here. Or here.

Speaking of planes, I’ll be on one tomorrow morning. I’ve got a meeting that starts at 9.30, so it either meant travelling down tonight by train and staying over or getting up in the middle of the night to fly to the City Airport. No contest — the less time I have to spend in London the more I like it.

The thing that gets me though is that to claim my ticket, I have to take my passport for identification, terrorists and all that. So, we joined Europe so we wouldn’t need a passport to travel between members states and now we can’t even fly to our own bloody capital without one.

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