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As Andy Capp once said: “I often quote meself. It adds polish to me conversation.” You won’t find that on the web, at least not that I could find, so I thought I’d preserve a few more from other people that also remain elusive. Ish:

Ultimately, a hero is a man
who would argue with the Gods,
and awaken devils to contest his vision.
Norman Mailer

This does appear on sites on occasion, but on German ones like this one for no discernible reason, but then I don’t speak the lingo. But sprechen of which and Adolph Hitler:

“There was no end to the somersaults this man could turn. They stared, stupified, as he somersaulted nearer and nearer, each somersault higher than the last, until he landed upright on his two feet in front of them and with his hands clamped firmly around their throats.
Jack Pulman, Private Schultz

You can read the bits/screenplay online, one of the best stories about someone with an inbuilt stumble, but I particularly liked the bit above. And while on the AH theme:

“To think of Hitler as a deviant or a monster is to miss the point. He was the epitome of the common man.”
Len Deighton, Blitzkrieg

But lest you think I am slipping into a Nuremberg moment or planning a short trip to Poland, here’s an anti-war quote:

“How good bad reasons and bad music sound when we march against an enemy.”

Here endeth the first of an occasional post.

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