The Moving Finger Having Writ

Don’t ask why, but I had reason at work to try to find a stenographer today and the top result of this Google search was about a day in the life of one working at the BBC.

It transpires that every programme the Beeb puts out is transcribed by a team of stenographers.

I had an FFS moment. (Abr: first word ‘for’ last word ‘sake’. Complete.) I mean, there’s a video recording, so why do they need a transcript FFS?

It was only when I read this job ad that the penny dropped. It’s to provide the subtitle feed.

Stenography is a much sought after skill it seems. A friend of a friend is training to become one because there are no stenographers in the north west and you can make £300 a day, or part thereof. Anyone thinking of a career change please note.

As it is, judging from the BBC job ad, most stenos come here from the US and Canada. And looking at Auntie’s benefit’s package, I’m not surprised that they do.

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