Krank als ein Papagei

I’m pleased to see that the British Embassy in Berlin has got its act together before next year’s World Cup by setting up a fans’ website.

And it’s not as stuffy as you might expect and includes some funny football quotes and an extract of typical phrases tanslated into German, although I had to go to this translation site for my ‘sick as a parrot’ heading above.

I had thought that maybe the light-heartedness was something of a gimmick designed for us lowbrow followers of the beautiful game, but actually the main embassy site has its lighter moments such as their Advent Calendar (or Adventskalender as our Teutonic kamerads would have it) although I have to say that building looks more a home to the Stasi rather than a refuge and a reminder of dear old Blighty.

Still, good on ’em I say and let’s hope for a peaceful World Cup. And that England get at least get as far as the semis.

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