Polly’s got the X-Factor

I’m not quite sure why I’m writing this as the chances are that you won’t be able to read it, at least not when it is posted, because of a weird problem with the Lycos server. I can post to it from Blogger and I’ve got FTP access, but no Lycos hosted sites can’t be ‘seen’ from four countries including the UK and hasn’t been since 11pm Central European Time last night.

Actually, I do know why I’m writing this: it’s to claim the street cred, or whatever it is they call it these days, that I’ve earned with young Miss P. I recently did some work with Key 103, our local commercial radio station, and so made a few contacts one of whom remembered that I have a 17 year old daughter.

She rang today to say that Shayne (I’m assuming you know who I’m talking about) is being interviewed on the Toolan in the Morning Show to plug his soon-to-be No 1 single ‘That’s My Goal’ and would my girl be interested in coming to the studio as part of a small meet and greet party? Wouldn’t she just!

So I’m playing chauffeur to the stars (almost) tomorrow. I did say to Miss P that there’s a fair chance of some freebies, copies of the single etc and to make sure to get them autographed. Her eyes lit up. “And then put ’em on Ebay,” she said. That’s my girl.

19:53 Update: Ah. Back in business.

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  • Son of Groucho 20th December 2005

    Better sell the signed singles quickly: he'll probably only be famous for about a month! But then the lucky sod will probably be, as Gsog says, "minted" by then!

  • Shooting Parrots 21st December 2005

    That's what I said. Mrs P sees a future both rosy and gloomy. "He could become a superstar and then die of drug or drink related illness. Worth more then."

    What are the odds?


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