Forget the glitz, forget the media hype, one thing stood out for me in the civil partnership between Sir England’s Rose and David (Sale Starts Boxing Day) Furnishings and that was the reports that they had invited ‘700 of their closest friends’ to witness the ceremony.

700? Closest? Not mere acquaintances, not the nextdoor but whatever on catching their eye when putting out the milk bottles, not those that you’re on nodding terms with at the same time everyday at the bus-stop, not even the bloke you share a canteen table with on the days you happen to eat at the same time on the same day.

No, closest. Let’s say someone you might phone an invite for a pint in the pub when you’re at a loose end. Or another you share an office with who you get to know simply through proximity.

But 700? Imagine it was your special ending-in-zero birthday. Better still, your ending-in-zero-or-five wedding/civil partnership anniversary and you could invite everyone you wanted to, would it come to 700? Even including family.

I remember reading that part of the stress of modern life is that the human condition is not designed to meet more than 30 people a day. We can’t cope, it’s why we fluff our lines and why we can’t remember anyone’s name.

By my reckoning, Elt and Dave got through a month’s fraternising in half a day.

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  • Son of Groucho 22nd December 2005

    Maybe if they didn't have so many "close friends" the said friends wouldn't have created a traffic jam on the way to Elton's Mansion. Liz Hurley looked distinctly miffed about being trapped in her car while photographers snapped away to their hearts' content: poor love!

  • Shooting Parrots 23rd December 2005

    Yes, all those photographers and all for free, not a Hello! cheque in sight.


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