A Nose to be Picked at

Seems odd not having a LOTR film to see at the cinema at Christmas. I guess I should count myself lucky that I have two kids at the right age for whom the three installments came at the right time, though, in truth, I would have gone anyway.

Trying to recapture the moment with a 17-year-old atheist and one of 14 who now has his hair dyed black isn’t easy, but we had a bash at Narnia. It was pretty good, four out of five if I’m being generous, and got an even better mark from young Master P.

There’s been a fair bit of discussion as to whether the story is a religious analogy with Aslan being a Jesus figure. I’m not so sure. Those Heinkel bombers? Aslan down and out and reborn? An analogy for England surely? (Sorry, the UK.)

But the best review came from my six-year-old nephew who at the end was asked what he thought of the film said, “Brilliant! Did you notice that I didn’t pick my nose once? If I had a telly that big at home, I’d never pick my nose again.”

God loves a trier.

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