Captain or King?

There was a photo of Prince William doing a fair impersonation of Ruud Nan Nistelrooy on the front page of the Daily Mail today, although his team got stuffed 5-1 by that of his brother Harry. It set me thinking though. Stick the key in the imagination ignition and bear with me.

Picture first that thanks to around a millennium or so of genetic accidents you find yourself heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, flunkies and dysfunctional family in tow, and the privilege to become whoever you want to become, just as long as you’ve got a crown-shaped head.

Picture second that thanks to some similar genetic accidents that you are also not bad at footie, that and being able to play keepy-uppy and kicking a tennis ball against the garage doors at Sandingham or Windsor or wherever.

But what if you had to choose? Be heir to the throne or captain of England? (Or Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland — you must qualify — although one could probably opt for Germany.) What would you choose if only one?

Hang around for several decades with grandma in the seat and daddsy waiting in the wings to become King George? Or do the other job? What would you do? Assuming you’re only offered on, what would you choose?

Me. I’d choose neither. Both mean loads of dosh and influence, but I’d opt for being Scandanavian and England manager. For one, it pays more, two you get free tickets to every Premiership match you want to see, three the birds queue up and four, if you walk away, you’re even richer.

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