And the Sportsmanship was Where?

As mentioned previously, one of my prezzies was the Ashes DVDs and I’ve watched all but the last one so far. It’s a superstition thing I suppose, thinking that it might work out differently. A bit like that awful stage performance of the Anne Franks Diaries when the Germans stormed in demanding to know where she was and the audience shouted back, “She’s in the attic!”

But back to the DVDs, I’ve gone back over that second test, all those marvellous moments of joy and tension, but I swear that ultimate scene of sportsmanship when Freddie Flintoff’s first thought at victory was to console the excellent Brett Lee. Why? Has this incident got some special copyright?

Still, they do record my old vicar. Look to day three of the Old Trafford test, after the rain and just after the late start of play. That’s Rev Thomas in close-up with the glass of red wine. Lucky bugger, but then God makes His own luck!

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  • krip 31st December 2005

    Great memories indeed. Shame about Pakistan though.
    Question: Why are the Pakistani's always allowed to get away with blatant cheating?

    If it happened in England, heads would roll.

  • Shooting Parrots 1st January 2006

    Our inate sense of fair play I suppose! Have a great 2006.

  • krip 2nd January 2006

    You too.

  • Hereward 5th January 2006

    The Ann Frank story has been a favourite of mine for some time. The version I heard was that an elderly producer married to a much younger actress, one Pia Zadora, put the show on in New York. Pia Zadora's acting was so terrible, that when the Germans came for Ann Frank, the audience rose as one and shouted 'she is in the attic'. Probably apochraphal.

  • Shooting Parrots 8th January 2006

    Thanks for that Hereward. I remembered the story, but not the detail. Story of my life!


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