I’ve been somewhat preoccupied over the holiday for the same reason as last year — I’ve been playing Civilization having braved the sale shopping hordes to buy myself version four. I have to say that the graphics are excellent and it was a brave decision to include religion as a key element of gameplay.

But the main reason I’m posting now is to pay tribute to Apple’s customer service. As hinted at in the title, it has been something of an iChristmas in the Parrot household. Master P’s main prezzie was a video iPod, while Miss P got an i-Station.

The problem was that her iPod decided to pack up on Christmas Eve, but it made an excellent excuse for her and Mrs P to visit the Trafford Centre to go to the Apple Store on Wednesday. Mrs P was v. impressed that you simply book yourself an appointment at the Genius Bar (she could have done it online beforehand) and turn up at the allotted time.

There was a bloke behind the counter with “Genius” on his t-shirt. How great must that be, to go to work with that on your shirt? Anyway, he had a look at Miss P’s iPod, fiddled around with it for a while, then said he would have to wipe all her music. (This causes panic among those less techno savvy he said, because they think this will also wipe all the tracks on their home PC.)

In the end, he declared it was beyond saving. But there was none of this “send it back to the factory — allow 28 days” business. He simply handed over a new one. Now that is what I call genius reputation management.

Anyway, the two ladies of the house then took the opportunity of being at the Trafford Centre to do some shopping, have a meal and take in a movie (The Producers) setting a personal best time of nine and half hours in the place.

Here’s wishing anyone who has dropped by in 2005 a very happy and prosperous New Year and hope to see you again in 2006.

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  • Son of Groucho 31st December 2005

    All the Best to you and your family Mr P. I'll be back next year!

    PS I was a bit sceptical about iPods, but now I'm a Believer (as the Monkees once said).

  • Shooting Parrots 1st January 2006

    And the very best to you and yours!

    I remain a backwoodsman as far as iPods are concerned — I prefer to download podcasts etc to CD to listen to in the car.

    But I can't help but be impressed by the sheer size of their memories. Definitely bigger than mine!

  • Laura 3rd January 2006

    I hope you and Mrs. P and all the other little p's had a great Christmas and New Year.


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