That Friday Feeling

Friday 13th arrived a couple of days early in the Parrot household. It started with an email from Mrs P telling me that my PC was making funny noises and had then come up with a ‘Serious System Error’ after which it stubbornly refused to move beyond the splash screen when switched on.

I rang the PC World helpline when I got home and apart from a ten to fifteen minute wait to get through, the service was pretty good. Martin , I think his name was, had me switch it on and I held the phone to the casing so he could hear the odd pinging noises it was making. We then did a POST (someone will have to remind me what that stands for) to check that it wasn’t a simple power problem, but it was no go.

Diagnosis: motherboard knackered. The good news was that they have one in stock. Even better news, there have been no changes to the spec so the chances of data loss are small, he said touching wood and typing with crossed fingers. The bad news was that the engineer can’t call until Monday, so I may be in an enforced silence for a few days.

What is worrying is that the motherboard should have gone west less than a year after I bought the PC. The ageing Tiny 350MHz machine it replaced had not one hardware problem for over six years. Indeed, it was rescued from the skip by my nephew and is still in service.

Just to complete the Friday 13th motif, Mrs P parked her new pre-owned car at a local supermarket only to return to find a dented door marked with the blue paint from the car of whichever tosser could do that and simply drive away. And she had had it for less than 24 hours.

Some days, bedtime can’t come soon enough.

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  • Steve 11th January 2006

    Power On Self Test.

    Friday 13th I'm flying to Latvia. I must be mad.

  • Jennyta 11th January 2006

    Hmmm, it's those fairy lights you left up!

  • Laura 12th January 2006

    Euro millions is up to £70,000,000. and the drawing is this Friday, the 13th…feeling lucky?

  • J.J 12th January 2006

    You lucky, lucky – um, person.Not only do PC World answer the phone to you, they have the part??? And you won't have to wait six weeks?Steve memorably said to me that PC world are to computers what Mc Donalds are to fine dining!
    We are on our second motherboard within 2 years.

    Very bad about Mrs P's car.

    Stay in bed tomorrow.

  • Shooting Parrots 12th January 2006

    Alice: Could be an omen. I don't normally take any notice of the National No-chance Lottery but there was the 70 mill Euro rollover poster when I called in at Morrisons. Might be worth a flutter.

    Jane: I'd love to stay in bed tomorrow, but not getting up ain't an option unfortunately. Liked your hangover description by the way. That is exactly what it's like.

    And Mike: Look forward to the posts about Latvia!

  • Anonymous 10th June 2008

    Now isn't that unusual ?

    Now its FRIDAY 13th JUNE 2008 and it's another Euro Rollover of £23 MILLION.


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