Slipped Disk

I take back what I said about the efficiency of the PC World helpline. It turns out that the operator who so confidently diagnosed a knackered motherboard was a fraud and a complete plank to boot.

Having taken a day off work, I waited until the afternoon for the engineer to turn up with a boxed motherboard under his arm, but as soon as he heard the pinging noises when the PC was switched on, he said, “That’s the hard drive. You’ve lost everything mate.”

And he said it with a smile. As for me, it was the first time in many years when a piece of bad news has made me feel physically sick. Mrs P chose that moment to enter the room to ask if I wanted anything from the sandwich shop and I couldn’t think of anything I’d want to eat just then.

Anyway, Kevin the IT engineer (you couldn’t make it up could you?) ordered a new hard drive and he, or someone like him, will turn up on Wednesday to fit it. And I will have to spend God knows how long with the restore disk and loading software

But you can imagine that this is as nought to the loss of data, in particular my emails and contacts book and, of course, my family history files. I did back them up some months ago, but I can’t remember how much I’ve added since then. Fortunately I keep all my hard copy notes so I can re-enter it, but what a ball-ache that will be.

I did wonder about trying one of those data recovery companies, but it seems we’re talking £250 plus and I can think of better things to spend my money on. I know that some of you have some techie expertise, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  • Elle 17th January 2006

    No techie advise but a genuine big hug.

    I feel your pain and frustration.

    {note to self: do back up because the last one is eeehh… let me think… at least a year old}

  • J.J 17th January 2006

    Oh god, really bad news.

    Steve was completely and utterly right about PC World.I totally regret spending any of my money with them and like Laura, wish I could offer proper help, but can really only offer sympathy..lots of it.

  • Shooting Parrots 17th January 2006

    Thanks both. Tea and sympathy always welcome!

  • Blue Witch 17th January 2006

    PC World talk utter bollocks (but, when you're desperate, you believe anything they say, don't you? I did).

    As long as the hard drive is still spinning, any Little Computer Man worth his salt will be able to recover the data for you.

    And, when it's better, do get an external hard drive – even with 20GB of data, you plug it into the USB port and in a couple of mouse clicks, in 10-15 minutes the whole lot is backed up every week. It's the best £80 I've ever spent. Peace of mind.


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