Spare the Rod

I was reading this guff about banning the smacking children over the weekend. I should say at this point that it isn’t something I advocate at this particular moment in time because a) Mizz Parrot is a doll, even going on 18; and b) Master Parrot is several inches taller than I am, more body weight and is a blue belt in Karate. You can see my point?

There were times though when Mizz and Master received a smack. It’s called ‘parental supervision’ which seems to be at the heart of this debate.

Yes, our children were smacked (not often) and that they were have made them better people. I think. As toddlers, not tipping a pan of boiling water on them from the stove seemed a good idea. Not beating each other to a pulp as older children seemed similarly sensible.

Okay, so I could have used reason and argument to win the day, but it happens not to work as well as the shock-tactic of Dad being angry.

What I’m left with is two reasonably adjusted kids. If my ‘violence’ has left them scarred, well that’s for me to deal with. But ‘barring’ parenting is not the answer, nor is banning anything.”

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  • Laura 24th January 2006

    Some of these politicians have way too much time on their hands. Oh, and no spines.

  • Elle 29th January 2006

    Couldn't agree more.

    A good smack by a responsible parent doesn't harm children. The ones that wouldn't know the difference between that type of smack or sheer abuse are not going to be influenced by any ruling anyway.


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