No, not the drug, although wanting faster and faster performance while on the web can probably be considered an addiction. I downloaded Google Web Accelerator a week or two ago and felt quite smug about it as it says in the corner of my Firefox bar that it’s saved me 2.8 hours browsing time already.

Then I read this article and things began to take on a more sinister aspect. Could Google really be trying to take over the web, or at least by creating their own version of it? Could they really monitor every search I made, every page I visit, every email I send? Am I being sucked into one of those conspiracy theories that I dislike so much?

C’mon, Google are good guys aren’t they? They are/were out of the mainstream and gave us a way of searching the web that was both efficient and cool. They gave us great things like Google Earth, Picasa et al, yes even Blogger.

It could be that the bloke who wrote the above article knows what he’s talking about. Then again his only qualification is as a Professor of Testicular Linguistics. (Talking bollocks to you and me.) But then you think of that China business and the attempts by the US government to gain access to their search records and you scratch your chin and think, “Hmmm.”

Little clever businesses become big even cleverer businesses. At which point do they switch from being revolutionaries to join the establishment? And then become synonymous with government?

You see, there I am on the slippery path to conspiracy, even though experience tells me that, other than stabbing each other in the back, politicians’ have all the conspiratorial abilities of a Rice Krispie.

But an ambitious corporation? Well, that is a worry.

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