A Picture Paints a Thousand Words — And Bombs

Have you seen any of those Danish cartoons that have ‘irked’ Muslims around the world? (Radio WTOP’s choice of words, not mine from 30 December, a cached version.) I’m not surprised they were offended — they’re not remotely funny. In fact, about as funny as a Guardian cartoon.

The one that has caused all the fuss is the one supposedly depicting the Prophet Mohammed with a turban as a bomb. Hilarious, eh?

But I have a question in this regard, and it is a genuine one. I may be showing my ignorance here, but if Muslims are not allowed to create images of Mohammed, how do they know that the person depicted is who they think it is? And if that is what the cartoonist claimed, how is a northern European nib-dabbler meant to know what the Prophet looked like?

And I wonder how this would have fared if the racial hatred laws voted in here yesterday applied in Denmark. No doubt we’d be boycotting our own products and threatening to suicide-bomb Morrison’s. (Not necessarily a bad idea.)

But what made me think of this tonight was a piece on Radio Five Live about tonight’s match, Liverpool vs Birmingham with Robbie Fowler on the bench. The report said that someone welcoming the return of the prodigal had done so with their own Fowler version of the Lord’s Prayer.

Incitement to hatred. Well it is Liverpool, but why do I think that the new law couldn’t give a toss?

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