You Have to Smile

Bliss! A few days off work that I’ve spent getting my head round some family history stuff and filling out the shrub that is my wife’s grandmother’s lot. Some very successful searches yesterday and most of today spent entering the results.

But I had to stop to register this: Radio Five on the bloke who dressed as a suicide bomber at the weekend, now found to have a conviction for dealing crack cocaine. I missed who it was they were interviewing, possibly his dad, but it went something like this:

“Drug dealer? Get it in proportion, he was 16 years old. And a terrorist? It’s you people from the media saying he’s a terrorist. He’s no terrorist; he’s an idiot.”

Yep, and pleased to say that he is not being excused by his family.

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  • J.J 8th February 2006

    And at least he will have given Prince Harry a new idea for his next fancy dress party.

  • Shooting Parrots 8th February 2006

    Actually, I can se Harry in leather. Not sure if that's me or his Germanic genes!


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