How do boilers do it? How is it that they conk out when cold weather is on its way? Are they tuned into the forecasts or something? That is what happened Chez Polly yesterday afternoon. The boiler came on, but the radiators stayed cold.

We managed to find the instructions and did as we were told, that is to go through the switch-on routine which in itself is a bit of a rigmarole — turning the gas and electric supplies and thermostat off, before going through the process in reverse. The boiler made all the right noises, but still no hot water.

Fortunately, we have an acquaintance who is a plumber and he popped round last night and diagnosed the problem as a non-sparking ignition thingy. (I’ve got all the technical jargon.) The plan was that he would get a new one today, but because the boiler is an old one, no-one has one in stock, so we must freeze for another 24 hours or so.

Well actually I won’t. We’ve been in this house for five years and have reached the point where you take things for granted, like the central heating, and develop a blind spot for the things you never use. Like the gas fire not three foot from where I’m sitting now that has never been turned on in all that time.

It is now and apart from an interesting aroma and a blue haze, it’s warming the place up nicely.

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