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I’m thinking of becoming a witch. As a convert from C of E I mean. Under the state religion, I’m entitled to carry fairly uninteresting things, like a cross on a chain or some unleavened bread and dodgy wine perhaps, but if Wicca was my thing, I could happily wander round with a 12 inch bayonet on the grounds that it was a magic wand.

If you Google the word ‘Athame‘ you’ll find hundreds of the things, so it’s obviously good business, but I do wonder about allowing young men to wander around ‘tooled up’ in this way. Okay, so it is ‘never used in an offensive way because it would then lose its magical power’ but at £50 to £100 a pop to replace, well they just might be tempted.

So just a twelve-month community rehabilitation order for the lad, despite that he was also carrying two throwing knives with no claims that they had religious significance and an admission that he was obsessed with collecting weapons of all kinds.

Seems to me that terrorists are missing a trick here. I’m sure that some smart human rights lawyer could make a credible argument that an AK-47 or a bomb-belt are central to a religious belief up to and until they are fired/detonated. Now that’s what I’d call the black arts.

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  • Blue Witch 21st February 2006

    You too eh? We're nearly up to a full blog Coven y'know 😉


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