I’m not sure whether our canteen (sorry, staff restaurant) has a) got it’s marketing right; b) got it totally wrong ; c) is making sure they get rid of the fowl products in the freezer because of the bird flu scare or d) such foodstuff is rather cheap at the moment. How else to explain poultry on the menu five days running?

We’ve had chicken pasta, chicken and mushroom pie (twice), chicken curry and turkey steaks, though how linking the latter with the words ‘Bernard Matthews’ was meant to inspire consumer confidence is anyone’s guess.

It’s the bird flu business I mean. Our local paper got carried away today with the contention that we aren’t prepared for bird flu. It may not be, but then how can anyone be prepared for something that hasn’t happened for 40 years or more, and may never do so again given vaccinations etc.

If you agree and enjoy reading this stuff, please hit the link above and tell them that we’re up for it. Even if we aren’t!

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