Protect and Survive

I’m sure I saw those Protect and Survive public information ads in 1975 and I’ve seen them several times since, the whole series on a loop at the Imperial War Museum North, but I have no specific memory of watching the originals on tv. Perhaps I was young and naïve enough to think that nuclear war didn’t apply to me.

There were various pieces of splendidly eccentric advice, such as sheltering under a bridge as pictured. You can just tell that that stone arch is braced to take the force of an A-bomb. Or if you fail to find a bridge, lie in a hole in the ground protected by nothing more than your clothes. And as for parking your dead granny outside with an identification tag tied to her big toe…

But laughable though the advice might have been, it was delivered very effectively, a three-pronged attack on the senses of Patrick Allen’s voiceover and the sounds of the warning sirens etc reinforced by their being visualised by animation.

Anyway, what brought this on is that you can see one of the films over at the Beeb.

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  • J.J 27th February 2006

    They really did take us all for idiots didn't they?


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