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I’m not exactly what you’d call a fashion victim. Okay, so I scrub up well in a suit and tie to go to work, but at home I’m more interested in comfort than style. In fact, when ‘off-duty’, I make even Jeremy Clarkson look trendy.

But there comes a time at work when only casual-smart will do. Those ‘away days’ when informality is the mode de jour and the suit and tie are cast aside in favour of open necks etc. And the trick is to look as if this is how you always dress when not at work.

Which is what I have to do tomorrow and Wednesday as off I go to a 24 hour conference at a hotel in Lancashire.

Obviously my usual jeans and t-shirt look wouldn’t do, but what would? As I say, my sense of style is stuck somewhere in the past so yesterday I had to call on Trinny and Susannah for advice, or in my case, Mrs and Miss Polly.

We met up outside Next at 4pm yesterday with one hour of shopping time left to sort me out. By 4.15 I was loaded down with hangers and pointed in the direction of the changing rooms to get their verdict. Next I was trying on the shoes selected by my personal shoppers and at 4.30 we were at the till ready to hand over a large amount of money.

So, done and hosed by teatime. How do they manage to make this last all afternoon? At least every other week? Only hope I can remember which top is meant to go with which trousers.

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  • Elle 8th March 2006

    It's an art. A skill that can only be perfected by ongoing practice, hence the having to do it at least once a week.

    I bet you looked great.

  • Shooting Parrots 8th March 2006

    I think I passed muster!


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